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Looking Back at our Favorite Gadgets from 2012

It’s hard to believe it was four years ago now, but 2012 was a big year for new technical devices. That year marked the launch of fantastic gadgets that certainly formed the technology landscape for many years to come.

2012 Favorite Gadgets

Gadgets ranged from increasing performance, video gaming and also home entertainment systems which revolutionized how we function, play and work. The PC changes of the 1980s set the vision for this platform, but the differences between a machine in the ’80s to 2012 was incredible: it was a bit like comparing a steam train to a space station!

Apple iPhone 5

iphone5The  launch of the next generation of Apple’s iPhone produced a wave of excitement around the world. In fact, Apple iPhone sales reached three million in its initial weekend launch! Among one of the most expected gadgets of 2012, iPhone 5’s launch was greeted with a wide variety of reactions – from people were concerned about layout, information leaks and so on… but most loved the shift from the iPhone 4.

Whether the iPhone design appeals to you or not, you can’t argue that in 2016 it continues to be a landmark device which has raised the bar for design, functionality and usability ever since the first model was released.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3Launched in mid-May, the Samsung Galaxy S3 took the title of Best Offering Smartphone around the world for the third quarter of 2012. Before long it grew to 30 million sales globally.

The S3 was hugely popular because of it’s thin design, its swiping keyboard option and large bright screen. In fact it continued to be a popular “value” phone for many years to follow, due to its powerful processor and memory expansion options.

I personally had one of these phones, and only stopped using it after I dropped the phone & smashed the screen! The repair costs ended up being almost as much as the cost of a replacement, so I decided at that point to move on to my first iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2This 5.5-inch combination tablet computer with built-in phone functionality (coining the phrase “phablet”) sold more then 3 million units in its very first month.

The launch of the Note 2 was in parallel with the iPhone 5, which demonstrates both the success of Samsung’s marketing machine and the resulting popularity of the device.

The Note 2 introduced the S-Pen, a digital stylus which had fallen out of favor in previous years. While the Galaxy Note 2 offered great performance and tremendous value, the phablet concept did not last – now in 2016, we’re not aware of any such device on the market today.

iPad Mini

iPad MiniThe late Steve Jobs had famously predicted that tablet computers with screens smaller than 9″ would not sell. However in 2012, Apple released their first iPad Mini with spectacular results – triggering a flurry of “me too” devices from competing manufacturers.

Incorporating an A5 CPU and updated iSight camera, with the same screen resolution as the iPad 2 with an easily-transportable size, the iPad Mini proved highly popular with people all over the world. It offered a viable alternative to an Amazon Kindle and other ebooks, but with many more functions – at a very affordable price.

Nexus 7

Nexus 72012 saw the introduction of Google’s Nexus 7 device. Featuring a 7″ IPS display powered by a quad-core nVidiaTegra 3 CPU, this powerful device dropped in price to just $199 – making it one of the most affordable small-size tablets ever released.

Certainly the price point helped boost the popularity of this device.

Kindle (by Amazon.com)

KindleThe Kindle was also sold to a price-sensitive audience. Released at a ~$200 price point, Amazon were essentially breaking-even on every sale they made of the device – hoping to make their profits from the sale of the digital books delivered to the reader.

From all perspectives, the strategy worked – 4 years and various renditions later, the Kindle is still a very popular device with ebook fans all over the world.

Time will tell to see what the next version of Kindle will look like!